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Where do ideologies come from? The thought of Pericles, Cicero and Paul in context

Great thinkers do not live in a vacuum. When they enter their writing chambers, or perch upon some grand vista to compose a foundational treatise they don’t throw off the fetters of their reality. In fact, it’s that dominating, driving force … Continue reading

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The Possible Problem with Voluntary Exchange

Libertarians like myself [ed. — no longer accurate] like to defend contracts and other exchanges because they’re voluntary. When two capable adults reach an agreement to exchange their legally owned objects, labor or money, then presumably they both believe they’ll be … Continue reading

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Two Views of Freedom

I recently read Steven Landsburg’s interesting but often befuddled book, The Big Questions. It’s a fun book because its view is so vast and its conclusions so sweeping. He tries to tackle basic questions of the universe in 200 pages or … Continue reading

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