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Memento and Locke on Identity and Morality

I wrote an essay a month or two ago using Memento to look at some questions of identity and morality. There are some spoilers. Christopher Nolan’s Memento, in its presentation of a startling moral question, raises significant problems for John … Continue reading

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Why the Epic is Awesome

One way of thinking about what makes epic storytelling distinct is its ability to ignore contradictions within its story and paint a picture from various angles and perspectives. I’ll give an example. In the book of Samuel, David is introduced twice, … Continue reading

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High Noon on the Un-American Frontier

When I hear the title High Noon, I immediately conjure up an iconic image: the camera drifts down behind the town sheriff, his hand curled over his six-shooter with the cool ease of an unblinking expert. Down the barren road glares … Continue reading

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The Wire on Mcnuggets, Compensation Schemes and Consumer Surplus

I’ve recently started watching The Wire again, and it’s even better than I remember it. One of it’s amazing qualities is the ability of its characters to transcend their stereotypes and even situations to discuss relevant topics in interesting ways. … Continue reading

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