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Law of the Day

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Inequality and Incarceration

As I did in my last post on incarceration, I’m going to take a simple look at the data on a topic way beyond the scope of a blog post. As I said last time, my interest was piqued in … Continue reading

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Are Prisoners a Normal Good?

I’ve recently been reading Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, his take on how and why the justice system changed over the course of the Enlightenment from one of public executions and torture to private penitentiaries. His theories are interesting, but it lead me to … Continue reading

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Your tax dollars at work

One of the wonderful little facets of our trade policy with much of the world are the exorbitant tariffs we levy on textiles – almost half of all tariffs are on them, according to NPR’s Planet Money. If we want our … Continue reading

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Heuristics and Bias – Morton’s Response

A couple of points: 1. What does it mean to say that humans are terrible objective observers? In some ways we seem to be extremely accurate objective observers. We make excellent predictions about weather, we can build complex industrial instruments; day … Continue reading

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Sentences to Ponder – Heuristics and Bias

“I do not know why originalists and other legalists are not AI enthusiasts.” That’s from Richard Posner’s How Judges Think, suggesting that those who, like legalists, believe that judges should do nothing more than apply clear, staid rules, should be … Continue reading

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