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Where do ideologies come from? The thought of Pericles, Cicero and Paul in context

Great thinkers do not live in a vacuum. When they enter their writing chambers, or perch upon some grand vista to compose a foundational treatise they don’t throw off the fetters of their reality. In fact, it’s that dominating, driving force … Continue reading

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Don’t Bail Out the Banks, Bail Out the Economy

It’s recently been argued that central banks working as a lender of last resort makes no sense under a fiat money system. Being insolvent and being illiquid is virtually the same thing when the central bank can just print money. … Continue reading

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Law of the Day

Law of the Day Continue reading

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America Without the Dollar

A couple months ago, when discussing why a currency union worked so much better for American states than European countries, I questioned Paul Krugman’s assumption that our current dollar monopoly on currency was necessarily the best thing. Subsequently I did … Continue reading

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Why not Socialism? Well, mostly because it’s morally problematic

The new great blog Bleeding Heart Libertarians poses an interesting question which comes from G.A. Cohen’s Why not Socialism?: …imagine a camping trip among friends.  Food and goods are shared freely.  Everyone abides by (purportedly) socialist principles of community and … Continue reading

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Why the Epic is Awesome

One way of thinking about what makes epic storytelling distinct is its ability to ignore contradictions within its story and paint a picture from various angles and perspectives. I’ll give an example. In the book of Samuel, David is introduced twice, … Continue reading

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Lonely in California

To wrap up this mini-series of historical essays I’ve written, I’m putting one up about the social atmosphere of the California Gold Rush. It’s probably underappreciated how lonely and scary this trek was; men streamed in from all corners of the globe, … Continue reading

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