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Central Banking in Middle-Earth, or: The Much-Maligned King Thror

This is not a post about the inflation of Hollywood movie length, although The Hobbit (part 1 of 3, mind you) surely fits that trend (and some unfortunate others). If you want that, there are some reviews I can point … Continue reading

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The Great Stagnation

Tyler Cowen’s new ebook, The Great Stagnation, is what all the cool kids on the blogosphere are reading these days. It’s a very short, extremely readable explanation of why American median wages have flatlined since the 1970s, and why we … Continue reading

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Religious Rhetoric and Zero-Sum Games in Puritan New England

Robert Wright presents an interesting thesis in The Evolution of God: the Abrahamic religions have traditions for both amiable and antagonistic relations with other groups; the amiable traditions are put into play when the groups can mutually benefit from the … Continue reading

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Sentences to Ponder – Heuristics and Bias

“I do not know why originalists and other legalists are not AI enthusiasts.” That’s from Richard Posner’s How Judges Think, suggesting that those who, like legalists, believe that judges should do nothing more than apply clear, staid rules, should be … Continue reading

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