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The Crash Of 1854 In 5 (Relatively) Simple Graphs

In late 1854, an economic panic of cataclysmic proportions struck the Midwest. The early 1850s had seen rapid change in monetary regimes in the region, as more states adapted to stagnant growth in the money supply by throwing the doors … Continue reading

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Central Banking in Middle-Earth, or: The Much-Maligned King Thror

This is not a post about the inflation of Hollywood movie length, although The Hobbit (part 1 of 3, mind you) surely fits that trend (and some unfortunate others). If you want that, there are some reviews I can point … Continue reading

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Where do ideologies come from? The thought of Pericles, Cicero and Paul in context

Great thinkers do not live in a¬†vacuum. When they enter their writing chambers, or perch upon some grand vista to compose a foundational treatise they don’t throw off the fetters of their reality. In fact, it’s that dominating, driving force … Continue reading

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Don’t Bail Out the Banks, Bail Out the Economy

It’s recently been argued that central banks working as a lender of last resort makes no sense under a fiat money system. Being insolvent and being illiquid is virtually the same thing when the central bank can just print money. … Continue reading

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Captured in Passing: 10,000 Feet over New York, New York

Captured in Passing: 10,000 Feet over New York, New York

My picture, taken while flying back to Chicago on 11/27

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Something is Rotten in the Corporation of Apple

Imagine you and a bunch of friends got together and started a gold mine. You had a plot of land with a lot of gold in it, and everyone in the group chipped in some money to hire people to … Continue reading

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Law of the Day

Law of the Day Continue reading

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