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Captured in Passing: New York Public Library, NY

Image: My photo, taken this June Advertisements

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The Possible Problem with Voluntary Exchange

Libertarians like myself [ed. — no longer accurate] like to defend contracts and other exchanges¬†because they’re voluntary. When two capable adults reach an agreement to exchange their legally owned objects, labor or money, then presumably they both believe they’ll be … Continue reading

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Two Views of Freedom

I recently read Steven Landsburg’s interesting but often befuddled book,¬†The Big Questions. It’s a fun book because its view is so vast and its conclusions so sweeping. He tries to tackle basic questions of the universe in 200 pages or … Continue reading

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Cash for Kidneys

The United States is in a medical crisis. This is not an issue of escalating healthcare costs or an overseas epidemic, but rather a homegrown problem: a massive shortage of kidneys. The lack of available kidneys leads to around 4,000 … Continue reading

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