Two Responses

Reported the AP:

When an admitted al-Qaida operative planned his itinerary for a Christmas 2009 airline bombing, he considered launching the strike in the skies above Houston or Chicago, The Associated Press has learned. But tickets were too expensive, so he refocused the mission on a cheaper destination: Detroit

Greg Mankiw responds by simply quoting the paragraph above and titling his post, “Even Terrorists Have Downward Sloping Demand Curves”

Tyler Cowen makes the same point, labeling the post “Price-elastic terrorists?” but adds a characteristically insightful point: “If nothing else, this example plays up how hard it is to understand the motives of terrorists.” Sometimes, as Cowen does here, the wise thing to do is wonder what’s going on in the mind of someone who would choose which flight to blow up based on price.

File under “JS Mill would know better

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