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Heuristics and Bias – Morton’s Response

A couple of points: 1. What does it mean to say that humans are terrible objective observers? In some ways we seem to be extremely accurate objective observers. We make excellent predictions about weather, we can build complex industrial instruments; day … Continue reading

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Heuristics and Bias – George’s Response

Human’s are predisposed in many ways to be terrible objective observers.  It’s even difficult for us to be aware of what we truly perceive or experience.  Even our own emotions and desires are subject to all sorts of confusion.  For … Continue reading

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More Fun with Ngrams

The hysteria two-step: The 70s was a good time to be a Marxist, apparently: Fun is making a comeback: JFK is winning the long game:

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Sentences to Ponder – Heuristics and Bias

“I do not know why originalists and other legalists are not AI enthusiasts.” That’s from Richard Posner’s How Judges Think, suggesting that those who, like legalists, believe that judges should do nothing more than apply clear, staid rules, should be … Continue reading

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Captured in Passing: Standing Room Only

My photo, available under CC licence

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Testing George Carlin

I’m a little late to the new toy on the block, but I’ve been playing around with Google’s new Ngrams tool, which tracks the frequency of a word over time by searching 4% of books published since 1500. A friend … Continue reading

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